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Aïkiou Dog Bowl
What are your animals favorite activities? Play and eat! Aïkiou products (pronounced IQ) are designed to meet these needs and allow you to interact with your pet in a whole new way!
If you are concerned about the well-being of your pet, then you know he instinctively loves to seek and hunt. As many of our indoor animals, it is difficult to fill these instincts and that can lead to behavioral disorders. Created to stimulate the animal's natural passion to seek and find their food, the Aïkiou products offer several ways to meet those needs.


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Why the Aïkiou?
The Aïkiou is an interactive dog food dish. By necessity, animals in nature spend much of their time hunting and foraging for their meals. Dogs in particular are adept at seeking and finding food. Unfortunately, this innate problem solving skill is often under exercised in domesticated animals sometimes leading to unwanted behaviours around the home.
The Aïkiou (IQ) bowl was developed with this in mind. Food is hidden inside this dog food bowl's many compartments, which your dog can access by sliding the doors open or spinng the central wheel. Allowing your dog to exercise his or her problem solving instincts with the Aïkiou bowl fun and rewarding for you and your pet.
6 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs an Aïkiou
  • Stimulates the intellect and entertains the animal during his meal
  • Helps reduce digestive problems
  • Helps prevent weights problems
  • Helps to maintain a healthy mental balance
  • Helps to stimulate the dogs with reduced motivity
  • Helps to sbring back interest in food

  1. My dog has no behavioural problems. Why would he need the Aïkiou?
    The Aïkiou is an interactive food bowl that helps meet part of your animal's daily feeding and brain stimulation needs. Just because your dog is not misbehaving does not mean that he is not bored. Imagine a life with no challenges or stimulation. Would you be happy? Animals are very intelligent and need different types of stimulation. When you feed your dog from a conventional bowl, he will not have the pleasure and satisfaction of searching for and finding his food. In nature, animals spend a great deal of time each day on food-related activities: searching, hunting, catching and then tearing and chewing the food. Domestic animals spend only a few minutes each day eating. Some experience digestive problems because they swallow their food too quickly or have weight problems because they eat more than they need for their activity level.
  2. I have several dogs. Can I use the Aïkiou?
    Ideally, you should use one Aïkiou bowl for every dog. However, if they eat the same food, you can use the same bowl if this does not lead to fights. It can even become a game. If there are conflicts, it would be best to feed each dog separately.
  3. Must I feed my pet from the Aïkiou bowl each day?
    We recommend that you feed your pet from the Aïkiou bowl each day to receive all of the benefits. You can also use it several times a week or as an interactive game between the pet and family members. Hide several treats or kibbles in the bowl and ask your animal to find them. You can play this game several times, alternating with short obedience training sessions: sit, lie down, stay, etc. IMPORTANT: be sure to keep it a game and make it fun for the animal. Avoid punishing your pet when you are playing an interactive game, otherwise you may increase his level of anxiety and he may no longer want to participate.
  4. I have a cat. Can I feed him with the Aïkiou bowl?
    The Aïkiou was designed for all dog breeds and sizes, but it is also very suitable for cats and yields the same benefits. However, the smaller food could block the wheel. Clean the wheel often to ensure that it turns smoothly.
  5. I have a large breed dog and find that the compartments of the Aïkiou bowl are too small for him.
    The size of the compartments makes this bowl suitable for all dogs. Large breeds use their tongues to reach the foot at the bottom of the compartment while smaller breeds use their mouth and must move several times to reach all of the compartments.
  6. My dog breaks all of his toys. I'm scared that he will chew on the Aïkiou bowl.
    The Aïkiou is made of strong, food-grade plastic. However, there are few toys that are completely dogproof. As such, we advise you to supervise your dog during use if he has a tendency to destroy his toys.
  7. My dog paws at the bowl, causing it to slide across over the floor. What can I do?
    The Aïkiou has rubber anti-slip grips that hold it in place, but they and the floor must be free of dirt and dust to work properly. If the bowl still moves, place it on a carpet. If your dog is too rough with his paws and is overly excited, we advise you to remove the bowl without scolding him and give it back a few minutes later when he has quieted down. Do this until he realizes that when he is calm, he can have the bowl and when he is too excited, the bowl is taken away. He should catch on quite quickly.
  8. Must I remove all of the parts before I clean the Aïkiou bowl and how often should I clean it?
    We recommend that you remove all of the parts (see maintenance section) before washing the bowl by hand or in the dishwasher. Those who feed dry food can clean the bowl at their convenience. Those who feed canned or raw food should clean it after each use.

For a complete and thorough review of the great benefits of the Aikiou Dog Bowl, you may want to take a moment and review the:

For a complete and thorough review of the great benefits of the Aikiou Dog Bowl, you may want to take a moment and review the:
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