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Canine Cooler® Therapeutic Dog Pillow
The Canine Cooler is puncture proof, non-toxic, and completely maintenance free! Other pet beds allow fleas to burrow and lay eggs, but the smooth surface of the Canine Cooler is easily wiped clean.

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The Canine Cooler® bed is much more than simply a dog bed- it's a canine comfort device. Cooling by nature has the therapeutic effect for a dog's health just like it does for people -- it slows, relaxes, and helps treat pain and swelling.
When you combine this cooling effect with a molding and cushioning support, you get an innovative device that is superior to typical beds in feel, comfort, and healthful effect.
Many people enjoying the device claim their pet to be more agile, limber and playful. This is simply because their pet is on a soft device instead of a hard surface. Imagine your pet spending his/her life on a Canine Cooler® bed versus a life on a hard, cold floor!
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The engine in your car is cooled by water, and a radiator. Cool water flows to the hot engine, where the water absorbs the heat. Then this heated water passes through the radiator, where it loses its heat back to the air. The water is now cooled, and can repeat the process, keeping your engine cool and running smoothly.

The Canine Cooler® bed acts as a radiator for your dog. It has tremendous cooling power without refrigeration. It feels like that cold tile floor on your bare feet. It readily absorbs heat from your dog, and loses this heat back to the surrounding air. Your pet enjoys a lasting, dry, and powerful cooling sensation!

Not just any dog bed... It's a Canine Cooler® !

The Canine Cooler® dog bed uses SoothSoft® Comfort Technology to give your dog comfort that is second to none. The fluid-enhanced design offers a dry, lasting cooling effect, combined with a superior cushioning support. No refrigeration is necessary; SoothSoft® Comfort Technology works at room temperature.


The Canine Cooler® Brand Thermoregulating Pet Bed will give your dog a constant cool spot in summer, relief from furnace and fireplace heat in winter, and cushiony support for vulnerable joints all year. It is non-electric, non-toxic, paw-puncture proof, and easy to clean. Fleas hate the cool environment but dogs love it.
Use it indoors, outside (away from direct sunlight), and in the crate for traveling. Eases heat discomfort, joint problems, skin disorders, hip problems, and more.
The outer membrane of the Canine Cooler® is 20 mil thick - tough enough to park a truck on and not pop! As tough as this NON-TOXIC membrane is, however, it will not harm your dog should the bed be chewed* by accident. Made in the USA at an ISO 9001 facility and guaranteed for two years.
* This bed is not recommended for puppies and adult dogs that tend to chew objects.

Canine Cooler Bed Capacity Price Sale Purchase
Small 18" x 24" Dogs up to 40 lbs. $79.99 $49.95 Buy Now
Medium 24" x 36" Dogs up to 70 lbs. $104.99 $69.95 Buy Now
Large 36" x 48" Dogs up to 150 lbs. $149.99 $89.95 Buy Now

What size Canine Cooler® is best for my dog?
For the best fit inside a crate, it is recommended that you buy the bed smaller than the dimensions of the crate. It will also be easier to transport. To keep your dog in top shape at shows or agility trials on hot days, keep your Canine Cooler® in an ice chest when it's not in use. It will be ready in an instant to cool your dog.
How do I make the Cooler the coolest it can be for my dog?
There are a few different things you can do. Always keep the product out of sunlight. Taking the time to properly fill and seal the device will ensure it has the best capacity to dissipate heat. Placing it on a cold floor, near a fan, or in a room with air conditioning will add even more cooling ability.
Also, SoothSoft® Comfort Technology was designed to work at room temperature. So the cooler the room, the more cooling capacity the device will have. If one area in your house is cooler than others and doesn't get as much sunlight, or is near a source of ventilation, place the bed there for the maximum cooling effect. However, this product will deliver a great cooling effect anywhere in the home as long as it's not in direct sunlight.
How do I make this the most supportive and comfortable for my dog?
Filling and sealing the bed properly assures the greatest level of support and comfort. This product uses new SoothSoft® Comfort Technology, a unique way of providing thermoregulation (body temperature control) and different types of bodily support. When filled properly, this bed should have a "vacuum packed" appearance. There should be no water motion. Follow filling instructions carefully. After 2 weeks of use, remove more air. If you're still unable to get a good vacuum packed appearance, remove several ounces of water and try again.
Is it easy to clean?
This is the easiest bed to clean on the market. Simply wash with warm water and light dish soap, rinse clean and wipe dry. The Canine Cooler® doesn't absorb odors like conventional beds.
Will my dog chew it?
This product is not recommended for use with dogs who are under one year and/or are prone to chewing.
Can I use it when traveling?
The bed will provide a substantial cooling effect on your dog while you're traveling. However, it won't keep your dog cool in a hot parked car. While you travel, an open window or light air conditioning will greatly help the device dissipate heat. If you travel with it frequently, it may be most convenient to purchase another unit that can be filled with less water for easy handling. For short trips and around town, a much smaller amount of water will have enough cooling power to help soothe your dog.
Can I use it outside?
YES, but keep it out of direct sunlight. (Sunlight will warm the bed and may discolor it.) Use it in "deep shade"--under a covered porch, underneath an overhang, in the garage (on the cement out of the sunlight's range) or under a large, shady tree. If it feels cooler to your touch than the surrounding air, then it's working correctly. It doesn't have to be cold to work, it just has to be cooler than the dog. Following the laws of thermodynamics, the dog will lose heat to it.
This product will always absorb and dissipate heat better than anything else your dog may choose to lie on. If you leave the bed outside in the late night or early morning hours, the temperature drops, and this gives the Canine Cooler® a nice, full "charge," allowing it to offer super cool comfort for your dog.

Canine Cooler Bed Capacity Price Sale Purchase
Small 18" x 24" Dogs up to 40 lbs. $79.99 $49.95 Buy Now
Medium 24" x 36" Dogs up to 70 lbs. $104.99 $69.95 Buy Now
Large 36" x 48" Dogs up to 150 lbs. $149.99 $89.95 Buy Now

To learn more about the Canine Cooler, please review the provided instruction manuals (in PDF format.)
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