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Chillow Pillow
The Chillow® is designed to keep your pillow cool. Flipping a pillow in search of a cool spot is history. This device produces a steady, lasting, cool, and comforting sensation without blowing air, making noise, or costing money to operate. There is no other product like it on the market. Activate it one time and leave it in your pillow full time. The soothing, relaxing effect gives superior deep sleep night after night. Never too hot, never too cold... the consumer is always perfectly comfortable. It is a flexible, leak proof, fillable casing and inner core that provides unique support with thermal regulating characteristics not present in dry foam, gel filled, or basic water-filled supports.


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Far Superior to Traditional Pillows
Traditional pillows trap hot air and heat from the head. This makes most people uncomfortable and prevents them from getting their best and most restorative sleep. The Chillow® is an oasis for your pillow... cool, soothing, and relaxing. This added comfort increases your chances for better, more restful sleep. It's like sleeping in the shade with a gentle breeze.

Chillow Sleep Study
In the fall of 1998, the Chillow® device was used in a sleep study conducted in a Michigan hospital by a cardiologist and his son. Using approximately 20 subjects, the study consisted of a control group, which was monitored while sleeping under normal conditions; and an experimental group, which used a Chillow® with their pillow.
Each individual subject was hooked to monitors and sleep study equipment as he/she was sleeping or attempting to sleep.

The individuals using a Chillow® went to sleep an average of 68% faster, and spent 21% more time in REM sleep, the stage of sleep that is deepest and most restorative to your body.
This makes sense, since cooling down means slowing down from a physiological standpoint-- that's why they keep hospital rooms in the low 70 degree range so that metabolism (and thus blood flow) is slowed.
Our customers have found this soft cooling effect very relaxing and able to ease their mental activity.

Hot Flash Helper
You wake up hot, sweaty and feeling like you want to jump into a tub of ice water. Call it a hot flash, a hot flush or night sweats, what you've had is one of the more unpleasant side effects that often occur during the menopausal years.
Not long ago, doctors recommended hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to relieve hot flashes and other symptoms caused by a drop in estrogen levels. Recent studies, however, have found that HRT poses serious health risks and few women are willing to risk those dangers to relieve the nightly discomfort.
The Chillow® offers a safe alternative. With the Chillow® in or on your pillow, you have a wonderfully cool spot to lay your head. That coolness allows you to relax, fall asleep faster, and stay cool for hours. The Chillow® absorbs the extra heat and releases it to the surrounding air. Some women who suffer more than normal, will put their Chillow® in the fridge for 20 minutes or so before bedtime to get extra cooling power. Others keep a second Chillow® on the floor next to their bed and when their body heat has warmed up the first one, they swap. Chillow® relief is instant and amazing.
A marvel of technology and design, activate the Chillow® once and it will give years of cool comfort while you sleep, read, or relax. Your Chillow® can also relieve headaches, sunburns, backaches and more. No uncomfortable frozen gel-pack can do as much. What's more The Chillow® is environmentally friendly, non-electric and non-toxic.
Renowned OB/Gyn, Dr. Susan Lovereferenced Chillow's hot falsh help on Orpah. Now many women have found the secret to staying cool. Tell a friend-- this is a great natural solution to an uncomfortable problem!
NOTE: With all the attention being paid to the negative effects of HRT a lot of women have stopped or cut back on their treatment. This will usually cause them to experience hot flashes. The Chillow® Comfort Device provides direct and instant cooling without drugs.
Design and Quality
  • Specialized foam core used for ultra comfort and support
  • Manufactured in ISO9001 certified medical facility
  • Cloth flocking on back helps secure Chillow on pillow or furniture
  • Glove leather soft outer membrane is also durable and wipes clean
  • Non-toxic anti-mold/mildew agents throughout foam core
  • Soft memory foam core


Many Benefits and our Guarantee
Great sleep is only one of the many benefits provided by the Chillow®. It also provides relief for headaches, hotflashes, back pain, tired feet, sunburns, and more. Find the soothing relief you need and buy with the confidence knowing your purchase is backed by our 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
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How does the Chillow® work?
This personal cooling solution uses SoothSoft® Comfort Technology to provide cooling without using electricity or refrigeration. By combining the right materials and an ingenious design, the Chillow® stays at room temperature which is always cooler than your body. It absorbs heat from your body and releases it into the air around you. The Chillow® is meant to be pleasantly cool, but not cold because cold is uncomfortable to our bodies.  
What does the Chillow® feel like?
It was designed with comfort in mind, so the Chillow® feels like cool, soft glove leather. Rub your cheek across the Chillow® and it feels like the kiss of a gentle breeze. It is a very soothing, relaxing, and comforting feeling.  
Is it supposed to be cool all the time?
Not necessarily. The Chillow® was designed to match your body's cooling needs. After an active day, when your metabolism is high and you're hot, the Chillow® is cool and refreshing. But in the early morning hours, when your metabolism has slowed and your body is cooler, the Chillow® will be only slightly cool or tepid which is exactly what your body needs. After you get out of bed, the Chillow® loses any accumulated heat so it's ready when you need its coolness. There is no maintenance required, except sweeping any accumulated air out once per month. It takes just a couple of minutes and restores the vacuum that maintains coolness.  
How do I make it the coolest it can be?
One important thing is to let the air get to it. Keep it on top of your pillow or in the coolest area of your home, never in direct sunlight or near a heat source. If you want it even cooler, you may put your Chillow® in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes. This makes Chillow® a super cooler. NEVER put it in the freezer-- that will damage the material and void your warrantee! Remember, following the activation instructions carefully and maintaining the vacuum by removing all air once a month will ensure that the Chillow® gives you maximum performance for years.  
Can I use it directly on my skin?
Absolutely. The Chillow® is made of super-soft medical-grade materials that are hypoallergenic and nontoxic.  
How do I keep it in place in my pillow?
Some pillows have a linen- type outer texture that the Chillow® cannot grip well. To solve the problem:
  1. Try positioning your Chillow® higher on your pillow; that is, make the center of gravity higher up on your pillow.
  2. Sleep directly on the Chillow® so that it is on the cotton pillow case where it will stay in position.
  3. Try using a different pillow.
  4. Make sure your bed, mattress or pillow don't slope downward so that gravity forces the Chillow® downward. Your pillow should be flat on your bed.
Can I use the Chillow® outside?
Yes and no. The product is not meant to be used in direct sunlight because sun may discolor the Chillow® but won't damage it otherwise. However, direct sunlight will heat it up. If used outside, on a lawn chair for example, cover it with your t-shirt or a thin cloth to protect it from the sun but let the cooling come through. It'll keep you cool for an hour or so, and then let it recharge in the house at room temperature or put it in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes for a quicker recharge.
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