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Innovative Technology for Pets and Gardens

Welcome to Positive Work's amazing line of professional products for pets and gardens. Please browse below for your desired product and click on the image for more details.

Simply and effectively chases animals out of your pond or garden with water. ScareCrow® is out top-selling product with wide recognition.
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Your dog will always have fresh and clean water with this outdoor drinking fountain.
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Safely, effectively and harmlessly teaches your pets to stay away from areas you want to protect.
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Easily and safely keeps cats out of your garden and flower beds.
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A bird hanger that safely and harmlessly keeps squirrels out of your hanging bird feeder.
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A short burst of air and a warning sound are activated by a motion sensor, keeping your pet from causing harm or getting hurt.
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Keeps slugs and snails out fo your garden without chemicals.
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Other great products for your pets...

Canine Cooler
The Canine CoolerŪ bed is much more than simply a dog bed- it's a canine comfort device.
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Critter Gitter
The Critter Gitter keeps wild or domestic animals away from your garden and lawn investment. It has been successfully used to deter deer, bears, skunks, racoons, and other animals that destroy gardens and lawns.
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Multivet's new patented SSSCAT® device is a positive method to controlling your cat's territory and behavioral problems.
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An amazing line of professional dog training and containment products and systems.
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