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List Price: $99.00
Sales Price: $84.95

ScatMat® Automatic Indoor Pet Training Mat

Safely, effectively and harmlessly teach your pet to stay away from areas you want to protect.
Help your dog or cat learn good house manners - use the ScatMat® automatic indoor pet training mat to keep them off furniture, counters and out of off-limit areas and rooms. Simply place the ScatMat® in any area you want your pet to avoid, and switch it on. The ScatMat® responds to your pet's touch with a mild, harmless static pulse. Pets soon learn which areas to keep away from. With three intensity levels, ScatMat® is suitable for any sized cat or dog.
  • provides an instant memorable deterrence
  • corrects unwanted behavior consistently, day or night
  • operates for up to six months on a single nine-volt battery
  • uses transparent materials to blend into any background
  • can be joined with Extension ScatMats® to increase coverage

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"The ScatMat is a pet training mat that's been re-designed in a clear color that easily blends with floors and furniture. You won't notice the mat, but your cat will. The ScatMat is an electronic pet training mat that uses a persuavise, yet completely harmless,static pulse to keep your cat from shedding, scratching, or doing other business where you don't want him to. The new clear ScatMat blends almost seamlessly with furniture, countertops, doorways and even windowsills."
I Love Cats
"ScatMat / Mini Scarecrow"

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"Help your cat or dog learn good house manners by keeping them off furniture or counters, or out of selected rooms. ScatMat emits a mild, harmless static pulse when your pet touches it. Pets soon learn which parts of your home they should avoid. With three intensity levels, ScatMat works for any size cat or dog. The vet-approved ScatMat works when all else fails. Used in conjunction with your normal training techniques, and surface cleaning (as appropriate for elimination behaviour changes), the ScatMat will help you restore harmony to your household. The ScatMat is now available in a new clear format, blending into any décor."
- Calgary Herald
"Cool Ideas For Your Home: ScatMat keeps pets in line" 26 March 2005

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"I love my cat. I would never do anything to hurt him. Now having made that statement, this mat provides me the opportunity for behavior modification without pain. When I first read over the directions they seemed easy enough but for the real show I went on to the company website and looked at the movies. I didn't even think about what my cat does at night while I'm sleeping: walk on countertops, lick drippings from the stove, and even go into garbage can. Nothing is sacred to a cat. This ScatMat is essentially a plastic mat with battery operated exposed wires, so that when the cat steps on it, it will emit a small electric charge that surprises the cat. Let me tell you... I touched the wire! I was surprised! I will not lick the stove again. The mat is placed in the access area to the objectionable behavior, cat steps on the mat; finds it objectionable and doesn't do it again. Simple. It works with cats and dogs and has 3 levels of surprise for the size of the animal."
- The Celebrity Café
"Cat and Pet Control" by Michael Mardings

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