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List Price: $59.00
Sales Price: $53.95

CatStop® Automatic Outdoor Cat Deterrent

Keep cats out of your garden, safely and efficiently, with a motion-activated burst of ultrasonic sound.
Protect your garden, plants or sandbox without chemicals or fences. When cats come within range, the CatStop® automatic outdoor cat deterrent emits a sudden burst of ultrasonic sound (that humans can't hear) - the sound startles cats, and teaches them to stay away. Installation is easy - just place the CatStop® in the garden or outdoor area that you want to protect, and it's ready to go.
  • provides a safe but effective deterrence
  • protects gardens day and night without chemicals or unsightly barriers
  • monitors up to 280 square feet (26 square meters)
  • operates for up to six months on a single 9-volt battery

Read what the press has to say about our innovative products:
"Another product, that we tried, is the Cat Stop. This tool is essentially a battery operated motion detector with a high pitch alarm in a waterproof case. I inadvertently turned it on in the house when I was putting in the battery. The cat ran like hellfire into another room. So I thought to my self that this starting out pretty good. In the rear yard I have a cat path. That's the road the neighborhood cats travel when going on their midnight excursions. Usually I just throw acorns at them to scare them away but in this case I am trying the Cat & Dog Stop. Set up is very easy and placement is simply putting a stake in the ground and placing the unit on top. Easy is good! I managed to set up the unit in a well-traveled cat path with the red warning light facing the house so that I could observe the goings on. About 9:00 o'clock, Mr. Cat appeared looking for his buddies to do some "a catpella" singing. The alarm went off and so did he. No pain no gain. I gained when he was pained by the sound."
- The Celebrity Café
"Cat and Pet Control" by Michael Mardings

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