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Amtek Pet Critter Gitter
The Critter Gitter keeps wild or domestic animals away from your garden and lawn investment. It has been successfully used to deter deer, bears, skunks, racoons, and other animals that destroy gardens and lawns.  
Note: Sound is audible to humans. Covers a 90-degree angle up to 40 feet in range.


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This unit is fully automatic and uses heat and motion sensors to detect animals. Once detected, the Critter Gitter emits a startling high-pitched sound and flashes LED lights. The sudden sound and light humanely frightens away the unwanted animals and the unit automatically resets to guard against the next intrusion.  
The pattern of sound and light is automatically varied each time so animals cannot be conditioned to the deterrence.
  • Fully Automatic
  • Heat & Motion Sensors
  • Emits Sounds & Lights
  • Frightens Intruders
  • Resets Automatically
  • Varies Pitch & Light
  • Battery Operated
  • One Year Warranty
  • It Simply WORKS... Positively!


Satisfaction Guarantee
The bottom line is that the Critter Gitter actually works. At Positive Works Inc., your purchase comes with the assurance of a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We don't even need a reason. Simply return the product and your original receipt to the address provided on your shipping receipt and we will immediately refund the cost of the product, less shipping charges.
Disclaimer: Positive Works, Inc. is a distributor for this product and thereby accepts no liability for the use, as intended or otherwise, of the same. We advise the customer to consult the respective manufacturer of this product for concerns regarding its safety and efficacy. By purchasing this product you acknowledge receipt of this notice and hereby indemnify Positive Works, Inc. against any loss or injury associated with the use of this product.

Package includes:
  • Critter Gitter
  • 9-volt battery
  • Instructions
Manufacturer: Amtek
UPC: 749617020505
Package Dimensions: 2" x 10" x 5"
Weight: 0.5 lb.
Range: 40' x 90 degrees
Power: 1 9-volt battery
Battery Life: 1 year

"The Critter Gitter works great and hope it will stay that way a reasonably long time."

-F. Murr (El Paso, TX)

"I set these up around my tent for the summer to keep a (black) bear from being quite so interested in us. While it doesn't seem to always provide a different light/sound sequence each time as advertised, it certainly has done the trick in scaring the bear away. He mostly avoids my camping area, and skedaddles pretty quickly when he trips the alarm. I haven't had to replace the batteries yet, and the alarm is loud enough that the nearest neighbour can hear them going off and calls to check on me when he hears them at night!"

-Suzanne K. (Buffalo, NY)

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