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Litter Kwitter
Welcome to Doogie's Litter Kwitter, the original world famous cat toilet training system. You can teach your cat to use the toilet in 3-easy steps and say goodbye to the litter tray... forever!
The Litter Kwitter has been featured on television more than 400 times in over 40 countries. Learn more by clicking any of the tabs below.

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Click the video below to see exactly how the Litter Kwitter works...

Litter Kwitter is the Original World Famous Cat Toilet Training System, made famous by Doogie-- the first Litter Kwitter graduate. Doogie’s mom, Jo, invented the Litter Kwitter so that Doogie could use a regular toilet instead of a yucky, smelly, messy litter tray –a cat should have some dignity, after all!
  1. What is the Litter Kwitter?
  2. What does the Litter Kwitter do?
  3. How does the Litter Kwitter work?
  4. What do I actually get in the box when I buy Litter Kwitter?
  5. What is the Litter Kwitter made from? Can it hold the weight of a big cat?
What is the Litter Kwitter?
Litter Kwitter is the Original World Famous Cat Toilet Training System, made famous by me – ! Cats the world over admire me and want to be just like me, using the toilet instead of a litter box.

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What does the Litter Kwitter do?
Litter Kwitter will gradually teach nearly any cat to perch on the toilet seat (what I affectionately call the Dunny) to…you know…do their business directly into the bowl. All the parents have to do, then, is flush and Voila! No mess, no smell, no yucky clean up required – and that is great regardless of whether you are a regular everyday house cat or a famous spokescat like me.

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How does the Litter Kwitter work?
It is ingenious! Litter Kwitter starts next to the toilet with a seat device and a red plastic disk full of litter so your cat knows what it is & where to go to use it. Then you put it on the porcelain rim of the toilet, so your cat learns to hop up (easy when you’re as nimble as we are). Once your cat gets the idea that the toilet is where the action is, you can move to the amber disk. It has a hole in the middle and room for some litter around the edges so that your cat can use it but also starts to learn how to perch on the edge of the seat itself. It doesn’t usually take too long to get the hang of this so then it’s time to use the green disk. It has a bigger hole so that your cat can balance on the seat and go, knowing that everything will end up in the toilet. Brilliant !!!

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What do I actually get in the box when I buy Litter Kwitter?
Litter Kwitter comes with a universal base plate (a special kind of toilet seat that fits all standard toilets), the three training disks (red, amber and green), a comprehensive instruction booklet plus a 30-minute DVD with step-by-step training directions you can see. In fact, you can see me (oh, the embarrassment!). And it comes with subtitles in English, Japanese, French, German and Dutch for all my cosmopolitan friends!

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What is the Litter Kwitter made from? Can it hold the weight of a big cat?
I don't like the idea of getting wet. And falling into the toilet would have to be the worst way of getting wet that I can think of. So whenever I go near water I like to have a VERY secure footing - I need to feel 100% confident that what I'm jumping on will support all my weight. he Litter kwitter is made from the same material as a Firefighter's Hard Hat - it's about as hard and stiff as plastic can get. It wont bend, flex, crack, split or move no matter how large your cat is. If you had a lion at home (a real one, not a pretend one like me) then it would have no problems using the Litter Kwitter - it's really THAT strong!

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Litter Kwitter was developed in Australia. In addition to many veterinarians, breeders, and trainers, the Litter Kwitter is officially endorsed by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA.) Mark Townsend, the CEO of RSPCA, says "The Litter Kwitter is just one of the products you wonder why it hadn't been invented before now. Its simple clean and works! A big relief to cat owners. If you own a cat, this product helps the cat to be house trained with ease and is one of the best pet innovations I have seen for years."

"Lucky only has three legs, and is still willing and able to use the Litter Kwitter. We've put a step near the toilet so that he'll be able to climb on to the toilet seat without risking a fall. Lucky had his right front leg removed by a vet after he was thrown from a moving vehicle when he was about six weeks old. We were in the car behind this vehicle - we didn't get its number plate because we didn't realise what had been thrown out of the window until we got close to him. In any case, he fully recovered following his surgery and is now locked in a struggle for the affections of his mother with our four-month-old son. We've had a number of litter-related 'accidents' with Lucky over the years, but he seems to be adapting well to using a real toilet."

Dennis and Tania

"Everything you say is happening this end. Thank you for the CD-R. Just love watching the end of the CD, over and over. Nothing is quite as easy as it looks."

Diane Granger

"LOVE your product. I've had trained cats for years and find myself with only one cat now and she's new and not trained. I've used different techniques to train 4 different cats over the years. I want to get my hands on the Litter Kwitter ASAP for the newest member of our household. I definitely believe in the beauty of the toilet trained indoor cat. Fabulous! I'm soooo looking forward to the end of the litter box."

Linda Blume

"I just wanted to email you back to say that your advice has been followed through - and it's worked brilliantly!!!!! Billy is back to doing #1 & #2's in the toilet. Thanks greatly."


"I am watching the DVD right this very second!!!! Thank you so very much!!!"


"We got our Litter Kwitter last week and because I had already prepared Jay (our Blue Burmese) by having his litter in the bathroom we were able to put the Litter Kwitter on the toilet after a day or so. So far so good and my partner Billy thinks you are a genius! I have to say Jay is a bit obsessive about his business and spends a good amount of time covering it up and in the process he tends to make quite a mess, but we do see light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the Litter Kwitter."

Julie & Billy

"Thanks for inventing such a wonderful device and allowing us to have a cat without the mess. You have just brought pet ownership closer for so many who were put off by litter! Well done and good on you."

Piglet and Family

"I am so proud of my other boy, last night while cleaning the orange tray, Toby jumped up onto the white litter kwitter rim and peed, usually when the cats are sniffing around while I am cleaning the tray, I push them away, worried that they may take a huge leap expecting the tray to be there and fall in, scaring themselves and never coming near it again. It was not until Toby had finished that he realised that it was a bigger hole than usual, but he was not fussed. Maybe I shouldn't try to shoo them away while cleaning anymore and let them investigate a little more."


"I'm very pleased to announce that both my cats (Lucy age 8 and Clyde age 9) have been successfully using the toilet for over a month now!! We have even gone as far as to throw our old $70 litter house away. After only 8 weeks our household has become a litter free zone. Thanks to the Litter Kwitter now there is a queue for the loo Thanks again Litter Kwitter, your system has been like a breath of fresh air!"

John Huron

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