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As seen on TV, PediPaws™ is the revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat. It's the newest and fastest way to keep your pet's nails trim rounded and smooth with no mess! Now you can easily trim your pet's nails anywhere without the pain caused by traditional nail clippers. The secret is PediPaws™' precision emery filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail to leave your pet's paws touchably soft and your home safe from scratches. The unique protective cap allows only the perfect amount of nail to be removed and contains all the filings so there's no mess! Start treating your pet like one of the family. You and your pet will love PediPaws™

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Special Offer
You've seen PediPaws on television. It's a great product. And, you're ready to purchase one. But, wait! Customers that purchase via the special tv ad wait 6-8 weeks for delivery, and pay $7.99 in shipping.
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  1. How many and what size or type batteries are used?
    • Answer: PediPaws requires two "C" batteries.
  2. Can PediPaws be used for any size dog or cat?
    • Answer: Yes, the design of the Pedi Paws allows it to be used on dogs and cats of all size.
  3. How often do I have to change the emery wheel?
    • Answer: This varies from pet to pet. Some pets have denser nails than others, which will require you to change the emery bands more frequently. Just like emery boards which are commonly used as a beauty product for filing human nail, our experience with PediPaws emery bands is that you should typically get about a month of use per band.
  4. Does it come in any other colors?
    • Answer: The standard PediPaws only comes in the color shown in the advertisements.
  5. What is the life expectancy of the motor?
    • Answer: The motor is made of high quality components that's proven to be very satisfying after extensive, long term use.

Installing Batteries:
  • Always use fresh alkaline batteries.
  • Unscrew the cap counter clockwise on the bottom of PediPaws™.
  • Insert two C batteries as indicated on the unit.
  • Securely fasten the battery cap.
Before Using PediPaws™:
Before using PediPaws™, spend some time to properly introduce the device to your pet. This will make using PediPaws™ much easier once it's time to begin filing. The following steps may be helpful in making your pet more comfortable with the PediPaws™:
  1. Turn on PediPaws™ and give your pet a delicious treat. Move PediPaws™ close to your pet and give him or her enthusiastic praise.
  2. As necessary, repeat step 1 each day until your pet is completely comfortable around PediPaws™.
  3. Now turn on PediPaws™ and have a treat ready. This time we will file the TIP of ONE of your pet’s nails. (Read the full instructions before use.) After filing, praise and reward your pet with a treat.
  4. Next we will do one whole paw. Alternate nails and only file each nail for a few seconds. When finished, reward your pet with praise and a treat.
  5. At this point your pet should be comfortable getting a full PediPaws™ pedicure. If not, there is a position to hold your pet that works even if he or she is uncooperative.
Holding Your Pet:
If your pet is not comfortable receiving a PediPaws™ pedicure (after the previous introduction process), you may choose from one of the following suggested approaches. Some people find it easiest to have the pet sit on your lap, while some prefer to have the pet lay on his or her side. You may decide to lay your pet on his or her back. Find a position that works best for both of you . BUT, If after the introduction period your pet is still nervous around PediPaws™, there is a position which works the best:
  1. Lay your pet on his stomach and position yourself over your pet. Use your body weight and your arm reaching over the top to control your pet as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Begin the PediPaws™ pedicure according to the instructions.
  3. If your pet resists or tries to squirm away, DO NOT ALLOW IT! The struggling is only temporary. By letting your pet escape, you will reinforce this evasive behavior.
    You Are in Charge!
    The more assertive you are, the more comfortable your pet will become. This point is crucial: be assertive, hold your pet as described above, and complete the pedicure. NEVER LET HIM OR HER GO! Your pet will quickly realize that PediPaws™ is painless and will be calmed by your assertiveness.
  4. For the back paws use the same position as above but face the other way. NOTE: Only use PediPaws™ on an animal you are familiar with. Do not put your safety at risk. If an animal becomes aggressive, stop using PediPaws™ immediately.
Trimming Your Pet's Nails:
Use PediPaws™ on a soft, comfortable spot like a carpeted floor, bed or sofa.
  1. Take your pet's paw and support a single nail with your thumb and forefinger. This is essential. You must always support the nail before filing. See Figure 2.
  2. Always make sure the orange protective cap is screwed on securely before filing. Turn on PediPaws™ and insert a nail into the opening in the orange protective cap. Start gently filing the nail. File the nail for no more than 3 to 5 seconds at a time before alternating nails. Always alternate nails. This insures your pet does not experience any discomfort due to excessive friction. Always look at the nail after every 3 to 5 second filing. This will insure you do not file too much. Over filing can result in injury to your pet.
  3. Always file in a rounded motion to give the nails a smooth blunt feel.
  4. File the upper part of the nail in addition to just the bottom; this is the secret to a good PediPaws™ pedicure. The top portion of the nail is where most of the growth occurs and is usually the sharpest part. File the nail little-by-little until it is rounded and smooth.
How Do I Know When To Stop Filing?
If this is your first time using PediPaws™, be very careful not to file too much nail off. Be conservative: only round off sharp edges and obvious growths. As you and your pet become more comfortable with PediPaws™, you may try to get closer to the quick. This is the inner part of the nail which contains nerves and a blood vessel. The reason traditional nail clipping can be so painful and bloody is because the clippers squeeze or cut through the quick. Between the hard enamel layer and the quick there is a softer leathery layer. Once you reach this layer you should stop filing. Looking at the nail from the front, you should be able to see the quick emerging from underneath the layers of enamel. Always remember to look at the nail after every 3 to 5 second filing.
After Use:
Turn off PediPaws™, empty filings, wipe off with a dry cloth and store in a safe, dry location away from children. Remove batteries from PediPaws™ if it will not be used again for a period of time.

"With the Pedi Paws, it guides you so you're not likely to cause any pain."

-Dr. G Buchoff (Veterinarian)

"Dogs don't fight you where they do with regular nail clippers. (The nail) goes in there ... and is filed down, not sharp so they don't scratch you. It's a much better way to do it."

-Mary G. (Professional Groomer)

"Now my cats don't have sharp claws to destroy my furniture. Thanks PediPaws!!"

Emily M.

"I really liked PediPaws for my two dogs!"

Debra S.

"The PediPaws was so easy to use and it's a lot less painful for my dog to have his nails filed down."

Tom R.

"My dog has really sharp claws, but the gentle PediPaws smoothed them out in no time! Now I don't get scratched anymore."

Erica Z.

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