Dr. Frank’s Hi-Power Nutrient Formula | 180 capsules

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Dr. Frank’s Hi-Power Nutrient Formula | 180 capsules

Increase your energy level

This fabulous product was developed by Dr. Benjamin S. Frank along with his associate, Professor Carmen Fusco, an instructor in pharmacology. Dr. Frank was the originator of nucleic acid therapy and a pioneer in the practice of nutritional medicine.

During his 17 years of practice in New York, thousands of Dr. Frank’s patients were able to maintain health and youthful vigor. In 1976, Dr. Frank’s work received nationwide attention when his No- Aging Diet Book , based on treatment with this formula, became a best seller. Since 1980, Professor Fusco has been using the Hi- Power formula in her practice of clinical nutrition.

Now you can obtain the actual product which was researched and used in clinical practice – an extraordinary Hi-Power Nutrient Formula designed to increase energy levels and help protect against the ravages of premature aging.

This formula works better than any multi-nutrient formula on the market and provides ‘remarkable’ benefits. As one patient put it, “I’ve read all the health magazines and before the Hi-Power Nutrient, I was taking some 50 vitamins and minerals daily. Now I find that I have more energy and look better by taking only 6 tablets of Hi-Power Nutrient formula daily.”

Ingredients of Dr.Frank’s Formula:

Among the key features of the Hi-Power Supplement are: RNA (ribonucleic acids) for cell energy, the best available selenium (selenomax magnesium glycerophosphate) for the nervous system, and other forms of this mineral so important for proper heart function. There are 300 mg. of calcium to equal a glass of milk, and a well balanced group of B vitamins, minerals, sulfur amino acids and enzymes. Vitamin D is included to help calcium absorption, and for its function as a vitamin/hormone. These nutrients work together to fight free radicals, boost immunity, stimulate activity of the red and white blood cells, increase energy, neutralize toxins and repair cell damage.

Originally, the Hi-Power supplement contained spleen, thymus, liver and placenta. The current formula contains no animal products, but resveratrol, lycopene and other phytonutrients for boosting the immune system. Other antioxidants, in addition to selenium include a buffered form of vitamin C, vitamin A, the carotenoids, vitamin E in two forms: 200 units of the best biologically available succinate form, and 200 units of mixed tocopherols, important for cardiovascular and cerebral circulation, SOD and catalase.

Dosage of Dr Frank's Hi-Power Formula

The Hi-Power capsules are taken in divided doses with meals. Recommended dose is six capsules a day, although one or two twice a day will provide considerable benefits.

WARNING: Dietary Supplement Only. This product has not been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention, mitigation or treatment of any disease – including Cancer, Tumors, Diabetes or Heart disease.

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