Sandra Cope Aloe Spectrum Cream 4 Oz.

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Sandra Cope Aloe Spectrum Cream 4 oz

Aging brings with it a progressive loss in our body's ability to produce vital organic compounds (such as collagen and constituents of the skin's moisture barrier). This innovative product, Aloe Spectrum Moisturizing Treatment Creme, has concentrated an arsenal of ingredients scientifically proven to do the following:

  1. Helps to protect the skin from irritation and damage by free radicals caused by solar radiation and environmental stress factors (e.g. chemicals and ozone.)
  2. Improves skin smoothness, firmness, elasticity, moisturization and hydration, even at low humidity (where normally used humectants in skin care products fail.)
  3. Helps replenish the moisture barrier of the skin (with plant derived human skin-identical lipids), which provides long-lasting moisturizing and firming action.
  4. Helps to re-sculpt the face's skin by smoothing out wrinkles and crows-feet (firms tissues by stimulating the contraction of collagen fibers), helps correct imperfections, and delays the appearance of wrinkles (age-defying) by protecting the fibers of the dermis (against breakdown by enzymes.)
  5. Enhances the skin's capability to produce restructuring collagen (type III & IV.)

Aloe Spectrum Treatment Creme utilizes materials and nutrients that are naturally present in the epidermis. Botanically active substances in Aloe Spectrum Treatment Creme immediately restores, nurtures, rejuvenates and revitalizes the texture, tone and appearance of the skin.
This unique, patent-pending, delivery system helps to target active substances to where they are needed; Increasing the skin's ability to retain and hold moisture and to strengthen its barriers. This helps to re-regulate the exchange of moisture between the skin and the environment. This complex actually stimulates new collagen formation using amino acids and plant-derived human skin-identical structural lipids. The botanical active ingredients used in this patent act as a "Collagen amplifier system," effectively "fooling" the biological system of the skin into making its own structural components! This system stimulates and "wakes up" skin cells, helping to restore the skin's former tone and suppleness. This amplifier system actually helps re-sculpt the face's skin by smoothing away wrinkles and crow's feet.

Aloe Spectrum provides the following benefits:

  • To remove dead skin cells and makeup while maintaining the skin's natural oils.
  • Contains natural Beta-Hydroxy Acids which smooth, soften and moisturize the skin.
  • Helps to maintain the skin's natural pH this enhances the skin's natural defense and moisturization system which protects the skin from contaminants.
  • Moisturizes skin even in low humidity (air-conditioning, winter, desert conditions, airplanes and mountains) greatly enhancing the skin's natural moisture barrier.
  • Most all moisturizers on the market use humectants (moisturizing agents) that work in higher humidity but are incapable of drawing moisture at low humidity when you need it most.
  • Surrounds and softens skin cells, allowing nutrients to flow in and toxins to flow out.
  • Mimics the skin's natural intercellular fluid to keep skin cells and structural fibers soft which makes the skin smooth, soft and supple.
  • Helps to restore natural skin tone while smoothing out and minimizing wrinkles and crows-feet.
  • Exfoliates (removes dead cells) the skin without irritating.
  • Provides long-term moisturizing.
  • Contains natural vitamin E (not synthetic as is used in most all other skin care products).
  • Contains potent anti-oxidants that neutralize destructive free radicals from the environment which are constantly attacking the skin.
  • Helps the skin rebuild its own natural defenses against contaminants and environmental insults (i.e., chemicals, ozone, pollution).
  • Helps to restore and strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier, increasing the ability of the skin to hold more moisture, which re-sculpts the face's skin, smoothing out wrinkles and crows-feet.
  • Has antibacterial properties.
  • Improves skin smoothness, firmness, elasticity, moisturizing and hydration, even at low humidity (where normally used humectants in skin care products fail).
  • Helps replenish the moisture barrier of the skin (with plant-derived human skin-identical lipids), which provides long-lasting moisturizing and firming action.
  • Enhances the skin's capability to produce restructuring collagen (type III & IV).

Ingredients include:
Aloe Barbadensis Gel (Fresh),
Octyl Methoxycinnamate PEG-4 Qlivate
Squalane, Sorbitol
Hybrid Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus)
Jojoba Oil
(Buxus Chinensis)
Saccharide IsomerateStearic Acid
Ahnfeltia Concinna Extract Quinoa Oil
(Chenopodium Quinoa)
Cetearyl Alcohol
Dipalmiltoyl Hydroxyproline Ceramide 3
Ceramide 6 II
Borage (Borago Officinalis)
Disodium EDTA
Retinyl Palmitate
Beta Sitosterol
Linoleic Acid
Seed Oil
Superoxide Dismutase
Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkll)
Mango Butter
(Mangifera lndica)
Avocado Butter
(Persea Gratissima)
Macadamia Ternifolia Nut Oil
(Chondris Crispus)
Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters ToçopheroI
Millet (Panicum Miliaceum) Extract,
Hydrolyzed Ulva Lactuca Extract
Bee Propolis
Carrot Oil(Daucus Carota Sativa)
(Daucus Carota Sativa) Extract.
Sorbitan Stearate Octyl Cocoat Phenyl
Sodium Ascorbate Mannitol
(Glycine Soja) Sterol
Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita)
Mandarin Orange Oil (Citrus Nobilis)
Lime Oil (Citrus Aurantifolia)
Kola Extract (Colanitida) Guarana
(Paullinia cupans) Extract
Maté (llex paraguariensis) Extract
Cinnamon (Cinamomum Zeylanicum)
Extract PEG-8/SMDI Copolymer Cyclomethicone
Cetyl Alcohol Butylene Glycol


A) Sterols:

1) Shea Butter (Natural emulsifiers with
2) Mango Butter moisture binding properties. Also,
3) Avocado Butter part of the moisture barrier.)


B) Ceramides

1) 40%-65% of the moisture barrier
2) Plant-derived human skin-identical lipids
3)There are six ceramides found in the skin

a) ceramide 6 makes skin glossier, smoother and softer
b) ceramide 3 like “mortar” if you compare skin cells as the “bricks”.
Damage to the skin’s moisture barrier that normally takes 6-8 weeks to Recover, is restored within 20 hours. Allowing wrinkles and crow’s feet to be smoothed away, and skin tone to be restored.

4) Phytosphingosine-stimulates the production of all six ceramides found naturally in the moisture barrier

a) It is a potent natural anti.microbial/anti-bacterial agent
b) It has potent anti-wrinkle properties
c) It is absorbed and utilized immediately into the skin

C) DPHP (Di-Palmitate Hydroxy Proline)

1) Crystals that amplify the production of collagen
2) Makes skin release kiatine – a biological catalyst which allows the
skin to produce its own collagen 3
3) There are 3 types of collagen made by the body:

a) Collagen 1 – connective tissue
b) Collagen 2 – structural – scaffolding
c) Collagen 3 – in every cell in the body and is what gives skin its flexibility

4) Tightens the skin
5) Long term moisturization
6) Potent anti-oxidents
7) Restructures the skin
8) Wakes up cell so that they will communicate

D) SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase)

1) Neutralizes free radicals
2) Free radicals- highly reactive compounds from the environmental that attack the proteins in the skin (elastin and collagen). Some examples of free radicals are:
a) smoke, alcohol and sun damage
3) SOD fights these free radicals by first turning them into hydrogen peroxide and then immediately into water (H2O)
4) SOD is made naturally in the body when linoleic acid is present

a) Linoleic acid comes from Quinoa Oil, which is a complete protein containing all basic amino acids